Jakarta Globe: What Do Women Want?

Marissa Anita, 29, journalist and anchor at Metro TV

I have so many hopes for Indonesia, but I’d like to focus on one thing that I think is most important in our incredibly diverse nation. The government has to celebrate diversity and must strongly oppose groups who want to impose one narrow set of beliefs on everyone. I think Indonesia’s greatest strength is its national slogan “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (“Unity in Diversity”).

Indonesia has amazing diversity and this is a great asset, not a cause for conflict or hatred. I want the government to allow true religious freedom, where anyone can choose any religion in line with their conscience as long as they don’t harm or threaten anyone else. I want [the government] to support and promote true acceptance of all Indonesia’s cultures and oppose any attempt to impose ridiculous standards of morality or politeness.

At the moment, I sense the government is so afraid of offending vocal hard-line groups that it’s failing to protect the rights, beliefs and traditions of many minorities. We’re rapidly losing our tolerant and moderate national character, which used to be a tremendous source of pride. I dream of a time when it is no longer necessary for places of worship to be guarded and checked for bombs. It’s tremendously sad that this has become normal.

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