On Making Decisions

You are the one who knows how you feel and how to deal with what you’re feeling. You “talk” to yourself, you talk to others, you listen to others, then you talk to yourself, and finally you listen to yourself: your conscience — the God-given “friend” we are all born with. With conscience (and logic), humans make decisions in their lives, either it’s easy decision or tough ones. Whatever it is, making decisions requires (at times, a lot of) thinking, considering and reconsidering. And when something doesn’t feel right in your life, you know it. You feel it. And then you experience this urge to make it right. To keep you “right”. We, humans, go through different ways before making a decision. I’ve always been a thinker, a feel-er.  And when something does not feel right, I think about it. I can let it sit for days, for weeks, for months, however long I need. Then I test it with my heart again, and again and again. I scale it, measure it, taste it, think it, think some more, feel it and finally . . . I come to a decision.

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