A Deeper Conversation with Oneself

Who would have thought that a human so happy could be so depressed over something so basic: trust.

Basic, it is basic all right, but it is so fundamental that once it cracks it is harder to mend. It is so fundamental that it influences how you see things around you, how you see others, whether or not you can trust your good intent in the care of others.

Sometimes I ask myself, why we humans could be so complicated? Can’t we just all live without intrigue? Can we live without lies? Why can’t we live side my side happily without the expense of hurting others? Without having to sacrifice others’ happiness? Why do we have to bring others down to make ourselves feel better?

When all what matters it to feel alive.

To know that you have done well. To know that you treat each other well. To know that you’ve lived an honest life that the universe is not against you when you have lived so. To have justice for those who are good. To have serenity for those who do no harm to others. To have peace and happiness to those who have the best intentions.

The longer I live in this world, the more I realize how life can be so wonderful and unbearable for us humans. To feel such elation one moment and to drown in such dark sadness – depression – another moment. I can’t imagine how confusing life could be for someone with bipolar disorder. Life is confusing enough already.

As humans and how we are with each other, I conclude for now that to live is to be humble and inspiring for others when we are given the privilege. And to be strong when the universe seems to be against us.




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