A Short Tale of a Married Couple

One morning, a married couple lying in bed, looking at the bedroom ceiling as the sun breaks through their bedroom window. 

Wife: How long have we been married for? 

Husband: 6 years. 

Wife: You’ve promised. At least 70 more years. 

Husband: (giggles) Yes I will try. 

Wife: OK. Maybe 64 more years then. By then you will be . . . 

Husband: 112 years old. 

Wife: . . . and I will be 94 years old. Maybe I will already by forgetful by then . . . 

Husband: (chuckles) Me too. 

Wife: We will be birdwatching. . . 

Husband: . . . drinking tea 

Wife: Having scones made by our children. 

Husband: Our great grandchildren perhaps?

Wife: Yeah, the scones will be all wonky but it doesn’t matter because what’s important is not always necessarily the result, but the process. 

Husband: Maybe there will be no jam then. 

Wife: Really? I think there will still be jam. Like sugar and salt. Something so basic. So irreplaceable


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