Positivity When Things Suck? Why Not!

Some of us are sweet. Some of us are bitter. What shapes us as sweet or bitter people are experiences in life — be it wonderful or horrible. But who decides how we are in life? Ourselves.

Life can be bitter for us, but some of us decide to strive through it with a stint of hope that things will get better. Despite the hardship, some of us remain positive, hopeful, even inspirational. But we are at times our worst enemies. Some of us give in and actually let life’s challenges eventually embitter us. We become sarcastic, sardonic, even toxic. All in all, not a pleasant person to be around with.

I’m not saying we should never feel low. We have every right to feel down once in a while, but the challenge is not to let sadness control us for too long that it permanently destroys any positivity within us. This is indeed a challenge. A challenge to face and conquer.

But honestly, don’t you think it’s much better to lead this transient life with positivity?

When things suck, I believe, a little positivity make us feel a little better. And to feel “a little better” is still better than letting ourselves mope around and be drowned in doom and gloom.

It is easier said than done, I know. But even when it’s hardest to be positive, try. It just feels much better.

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