Trials, Tribulations and Us the Perpetual Tinkerer

There are so many wonderful concepts in this world. These concepts appear to counter all the bad things in the world. Concepts are easily understood by the brain, but often times not by the heart. But the heart will only believe what the brain believes. Isn’t that right? So why does this go all wonky? It’s because being human, there are some things that we don’t understand. We try to take control of ourselves but there are days when we lose ourselves and nothing or no one can control us not even ourselves. I’m still trying to find out the way I work. What my machinery is like. I thought I had it all figured out at one point in my life. But I, of course, being a fallible human being, am utterly wrong. Someone once says to me: “When you are given a test in life, don’t put in above your head, put it under your feet, so that you see these tests as something that will bring you higher, better.” Yes, what a wonderful concept. And so true. It’s just right now, if I were doing a “Math Test”, I was still trying to figure out the formula to solve the problems posed on my piece of paper. When faced with a really difficult problem, you almost want to skip it, answer easier ones first then come back later to tinker with the difficult ones. Sometimes even the problems are so difficult that we skip them entirely and not even try to solve them at all. Running away always feels like an easy option, doesn’t it? The latter is indeed very tempting. But we all know that when we skip it, we then never solve it. And it most likely will haunt us for the rest of our lives. Hanging above us like a dark spirit that would not go away and would over the years only bring constant lethargy before it eventually kills us slow but certain. In a quandary.

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