To live

To live in the moment

To rejoice happiness when it says hello to you in that moment


Why can’t we just live?

Why can’t we just live in the moment?

Why can’t we rejoice and relish happiness when it says hello to us in that moment?

Why can’t we trust the process? That whathever happens in life happen.

That we don’t know what life will bring and that’s alright.

Yes we worry about the future, but we should not let that worry overcast this moment – a moment where we are actually living.

Relish this moment. Why can’t we just relish this moment?

Instead of rejoicing in happiness, why do we have to always find flaws in this being called happiness? Why can’t we trust ourselves that it is OK to be happy. And if something bad happens along the way, it’s just how life is. And how life is as well, during that journey we will find happiness again. It’s the wheel of life.

We may not have tomorrow. Why can’t we just rejoice when we can rejoice?





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